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#001: 26th Jan 2022 - Written by Stephen - father, husband & Helium enthusiast!

I was lucky to be introduced to Helium & The Peoples Network "early" (shortly after Genesis), but sadly like so many I didn't pull the trigger as quick as I should have!

Why you may ask? Well quite simply I didn't know enough about Blockchain & Crypto to be comfortable, there wasn't really much info about the Helium project to read, and I had limited funds for such a speculative investment at the time!

My first Helium hotspot

Helium hotspot hosting and earning HNT
Helium hotspot - Mustang (OG)

Well it wasn't actually mine, but I was fortunate that the same friend who told me about Helium got their 1st delivery of Hotspots (HS) in April 2021 (FYI, there were approx. 25,000 HS's on the network at the time, and the 1st halving was fast approaching!), they asked me to host one for them and since then I've gone down the rabbit hole...deep! lol

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